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Online Vehicle Registration for Virginia Residents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the official Virginia Registration site?

No, is an independent third-party agency. If it was your intention to visit the official state site, you can access it via this link.

What are the eligibility requirements for renewing my registration online through this site?

  • The vehicle must be currently registered with the Virginia DMV.
  • It is no more than 6 months to your registration expiration.
  • It is no more than 3 months after your registration has expired.
  • You own or lease the vehicle.
  • All the personal and vehicular information on your registration renewal is correct.
  • You do not need to submit any additional documents in order to complete your registration (i.e. receipt of tickets paid).
  • The vehicle has a current emissions inspection, if you live in an E-Check county.

What information do I need to complete my online renewal?

You will need:

  • Your license plate number.
  • Your vehicle's title number.
  • The last 4 digits of your VIN.
  • A valid Visa, Discover or MasterCard.

What does it cost to use this site?

In addition to the fees you owe the state for your renewal, charges an additional agency fee of $15.00 to offer benefits that are unavailable through the state portal, including One-Click registration renewals. If you do not wish to pay these fees to use our service, you may visit the official state site to complete your registration renewal.

When will I receive my renewed registration in the mail?

Most customers receive their registration materials within five days, depending on varying U.S. mail delivery times. The Virginia DMV encourages you to allow up to 15 business days to receive your decal in the mail.

If I have moved, do I need to have my address changed before I use your site?

Yes, if your address has changed, you will need to update it with the DMV before using our site. You can update your address online by updating the address on your driver license. You can update your driver license and vehicle registration at the same time.

Why should I use to renew my registration?

When you renew with our assistance, you benefit from these valuable enhancements to the standard online process:

  • One-Click Renewal: When you submit your renewal request on our site, we store your information securely for rapid, convenient processing in the future. This saves you the trouble of having to remember when to renew, as well as the time spent re-submitting lengthy online forms.
  • Fast Status Checks: Looking for an update? We provide our users with a proprietary fast status check tool. Just type in your plate number and email address, and our system will provide you with a quick and accurate update on the status of your renewal.
  • DMV Advocates: Sometimes issues arise with a renewal, causing it to be delayed or even denied. This is inconvenient, but it can also be time-consuming. You could end up waiting on hold for up to an hour trying to speak to a DMV agent. We take away that burden by dealing directly with the DMV on your behalf, no matter how long it takes to get through.
  • Error-Free Processing: A single mistake when submitting your renewal request can result in delays, or even denial. Our processing agents review your data carefully and communicate with you to correct potential problems before they occur, ensuring an error-free submission to the state.
  • 24/7 Email Support: Our agents are standing by to answer your questions and resolve issues on your behalf 24/7, even on holidays. You’ll never have to wait until the next business day for a reply or resolution. And you’ll always get fast, friendly support.
  • Site Availability: The Virginia site may go down for maintenance from time to time. Our site is rarely down. We’re always online and available to process your renewal.
  • Alternative Payment Options: We offer modern payment options, such as Paypal Checkout, that are not available through the official state portal.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer all of these benefits to make the renewal experience better for you. But if we fail in any way to meet or exceed your expectations, contact support and let us know. We’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

Other Helpful Links and Popular Resources

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Official Virginia DMV Site is a private third party agency committed to making your registration renewal as simple and secure as possible. When you renew with our assistance, you benefit from these valuable enhancements to the standard online process:
  • One-Click Renewals
  • Fast Status Checks
  • FREE Sticker Replacement
  • Secure Processing
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Night/Weekend Support
  • Multiple Payment Options


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